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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Social Media for Business in 2023

Social media initially started as a way to connect with friends. Over time, we have incorporated it in various facets of our lives, and that has brought about a world of new opportunities that weren’t as readily available before. While most people have a personal profile, few actually understand the tremendous effect social media can […]

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5 Vanity Metrics You Should Pay Less Attention & What to Track Instead

In broad terms, anything you measure that doesn’t directly relate to customer acquisition, customer retention, or revenue are vanity metrics, and vanity metrics only exist to make you look/feel good.

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Instagram’s ‘Like Ban’ Has Some Considerable Marketing Ramifications

Over the last few weeks, residents of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries have been using a different kind of Instagram: one where the number of likes and views on their friend’s Instagram posts are hidden. This change — now being referred to as the ‘like ban’ is a move by the Facebook-owned […]