Conversion Rate Optimization

So, your website has been up and running for a while now. You’re spending hundreds of dollars on ads per week, getting seen by hundreds of eyeballs, but the sales are barely trickling in 😟

What could be wrong?

We’ll go on a hunch here and say that your conversion rate is being curtailed one or both of two problems: CONTENT or USER EXPERIENCE.

At the very least, your content needs to be Search Engine Optimized so people can find you when they google the product or service that you offer. Like a restaurant is bound to close down if the food isn’t tasty, if your content is not compelling, your visitors will never refer or share your content. They’ll close that browser tab and forget your brand as soon as something more exciting catches their attention.


If you don’t stand out, how will the world know you exist?

How do we do it?

The first step is to conduct an audit of your website’s content. We rank it to that of the leaders in your industry, and against benchmarks for best practices for writing content.

We’ll also review your website’s analytics and contrast them with our own experience using the website. During this audit we look at a bunch of things such as:

  • How fast do your webpages load?
  • What do your marketing funnels look like?
  • What are the bottlenecks in your marketing funnel?
  • How easy is it to understand your offers?
  • How long do users stay on your webpages? Do they scroll through the entire content?
  • Does your website use annoying pop-ups indiscriminately?
  • Does your content solve your audience’s problems?
  • Does the layout require the user to strain in order to read or understand it?
  • Do users get what they wanted when they visit your website?


What can you expect and what does success look like?

Like with all our services, the launching pad of all our work is strategy. After assessing your website’s issues, we’ll develop a customized strategy that is focused on tackling the problems we identify.

With the strategy in place, we take on the work of making all the required changes. These changes may include but are not limited to:

  • Adding subtle cues that encourage users to take your intended action(s)
  • Integrating social proof
  • Designing and implementing marketing funnels
  • Retargeting past visitors with ads
  • Creating ads with the primary goal of driving conversions
  • Optimizing your marketing funnel
  • Changing your website’s fonts
  • Changing the format of your pages’ titles
  • Changing the scope of your content
  • Modifying your actual content
  • Changing your product page template

The strategy we create also details the opportunities available for your brand to pursue.

Enlist us to optimize your conversion rate, and we’ll design a tasty menu that keeps your diners returning 😋

See you at the top!