About Us

about us Kooni Collective

Kooni Connect is a Nairobi-based social media marketing agency. We enable small and medium-sized enterprises to scale their online presence in order to grow profitability, increase brand awareness, and make social impact through a mix of community management and advertising. We navigate through the vastness of the internet to connect you with the people who matter most to your brand, and by doing so, are able to grow your influence, keep you top of mind, and pad your bottom line.

Our Core Values

Our Client Service is guided by several fundamental principles:

  1. We always tell the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.
  2. We bring disruptive ideas to life.
  3. We escalate solutions; we don’t propagate excuses.
  4. We pursue excellence; good enough is never good enough.
  5. We create evergreen content.
  6. We practise what works today.
  7. We understand culture.
  8. We move fast, and when in doubt, we TEST.
  9. We give at least 10 times as much value as we receive.
  10. We build long-term professional relationships.
  11. We talk less and do more.