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As eCommerce comes out of its infancy, brands are presented with the opportunity to reach bigger markets without any geographical hinderances. As eCommerce becomes more mainstream, you too can take a small piece of this trillion-dollar pie.

It is now easier – and cheaper – than it has ever been in history to set up an online store and get customers within a matter of days. With our expertise in eCommerce, coupled with a few tools, we can get your online store up and selling within a couple of weeks. 

How we do it

The starting point for all our services is always strategy. 

In the brand immersion meeting we will ascertain several things:

  • The nature and quality of the product/service that you’re selling
  • The size of your business
  • To what extent are you involved in order execution? Are you simply dropshipping? Do you handle order fulfillment?
  • How are your logistics set up?
  • What is your marketing budget?
  • What channels are you using to run your business? Social Media, Website, App, Email, SMS?

These questions (and several more), while sensitive, will help us understand the nature of your business. The findings of this brand immersion meeting will enable us to create a customized strategy and action plan for your business. 

Our action plan may recommend setting up or revamping your website to position your brand online, which our developers can easily do. We create eCommerce websites using these platforms:

  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels
  • WooCommerce

With eCommerce management, we’ll be responsible for more than just running your online store. We will:

  • ensure that your eCommerce website is SEO-friendly
  • create and implement your marketing and sales funnels
  • run your ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google
  • constantly tweak your website with the goal of increasing conversions
  • run promotions on social media and other channels in the form of contests

We have the experience to develop and execute an eCommerce strategy for a business by combining a smart website with a social marketing approach. From the design of the site to understanding social psychology and the mechanics of online advertising, we can drive well-converting and steady traffic to your website and back it with a robust online community.

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