7 Crucial Plugins That Every Shopify ECommerce Website Should Have

Do you own a Shopify online store and need a perfect plugin for your business? Below are 7 crucial Shopify plugins your website needs.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a global eCommerce platform that enables businesses to start, grow and manage online stores.

Shopify Plugins 

Shopify uses various tools to ensure that businesses run their operations seamlessly and for that reason, several plugins are always recommended depending on the requirements of the stores.

In this article, we have curated a list of plugins that empower your Shopify store to do powerful things that bring you, customers, save you time, or both. From logistics to SEO, ensuring that you have all of these apps in your Shopify store or suitable alternatives will give you a leg up.

Here are some of the crucial plugins that work well for Shopify.

Plug-In SEO 

The most essential factor in the success of your eCommerce store is the number of eyeballs that see it. Plug-In SEO helps in this regard by helping you get found on the most popular search engines: Google, DuckDuckGo, Langify, Bing, Locksmith, Search Console and Judge Me. 

Experts prefer it as a Shopify plugin due to the following reasons; 

  • It has an easy-to-use interface. 
  • It supports non-English languages with SEO.
  • Provides users with descriptions and training videos. 
  • It has a keyword tool and gives suggestions of relevant keywords as well.
  • Automatically detects 404 pages/ broken links and notifies the user.
  • Updates frequently and regularly align with search engine requirements.
  • It gives quality customer support. Handling of customers’ queries in due time.
  • It provides all the necessary on-page SEO requirements like; meta title, meta descriptions, image alt texts, and schema.
  • The plugin can add rich snippets or JSON-LD schema markup.


The pricing depends on the plans convenient for the user. There is a free plan, a Plug-In SEO Plus plan priced at 29.99 US dollars, and a Pro plan priced at 39.99 US dollars.

Free Shipping Bar

Why would you have a second thought when ordering from an online store that offers free shipping?

Free shipping does a great job and ensures that customers who meet a certain threshold stand a chance to get free product shipping to their desired location.

This plugin’s style has proven more successful in online stores with recent data showing that 88% of consumers are likely to take action when the store offers free shipping for the items they purchase. The customers might come back whenever they need to make another purchase just because of the same reason of free shipping. This plugin makes it convenient if the store can afford transport costs.

Why opt for Free Shipping?

1. Easily promote offers

Allows you to use progressive messages to promote the free shipping offers effectively. Customers are therefore motivated to spend more and consequently boost sales.

2. Advanced Targeting Services

You get advanced targeting services by displaying different shipping offers based on region or location, pages, customer groups, and the used devices.

3. Holiday Themes

Offers well-curated and designed holiday themes. The holiday theme style works well as it creates the holiday mood for your customers to increase sales and get higher conversion rates.

4. Configuration

Depending on your configurations, it can appear at any desired position on your website.

It allows for the usage of emojis to accompany sent messages.

5. Optimization 

This plugin can work effortlessly for mobile, desktop, or tablet gadgets.


Free Shipping Bar has a free plan. The Basic and Premium plans cost 9.99 US dollars and 8.25 US dollars or are billed annually at 99 US dollars.

Returnly: Returns and Exchange

If you plan to buy an item online, keep in mind that you might get one that does not “look” exactly like what you have ordered. If you have bought items online, you already understand the issues that might arise. It is a hassle to return the order and exchange it for the most suitable one.

On the other hand, online stores are always aware of this situation and expect a large volume of returned items. Managing the crisis is what causes concern as customers and stores frequently get to rub shoulders over such issues.

Online stores can handle these issues when they install the Returnly plugin. The Return developers most probably got to witness such problems and came up with a plugin well optimised for online stores.

Why use Returnly for eCommerce returns and exchanges?

  • Returnly allows customers to buy another available item from your store before returning the item bought initially to maximise the sales and boost profits.
  • The plugin gives insights into Customers’ behaviour and helps a store owner plan and learn how to handle their customer’s needs.
  • You get to automate workflows where you can generate a shipping label that makes return processing time-saving to minimise a back and forth situation.


It has 14 days for a free trial. The Basic Shopify at 29 US dollars per month, opt for a Shopify plan at 59 US dollars per month, or an advanced Shopify plan which goes at 149 US dollars per month.

Back in Stock

When your business is out-of-stock, you probably get to lose a lot in terms of sales and Customers. Back-in-Stock comes in to help with such situations by notifying your customers or prospects that the searched products are back-in-stock.

Back in Stock’s special features

  • It provides an automated email and alerts system where customers sign up and get notified when they stock back the required items.
  • It offers a multilingual option giving support for the expansion of the market.
  • Like most Shopify plugins, it is easy to install and use the plugin. You can set up the plugin using JavaScript API.
  • It provides your customers with theme support.
  • It integrates with MailChimp, Cross-Selling, Campaign Monitor, constant contact, Klaviyo, and Shoelace Retargeting.


You get a 14-day free trial. You can opt for the Start-Up plan at 29 US dollars per month, the Small Business Plan at 49 US dollars per month or Medium Store at 69 US dollars per month.

One-Click Social Login

People get very irritated when told to key in their details to sites they frequently use. With issues concerning cybercrimes on the rise, people tend to be very cautious in giving their details to any site. Others do not remember their details, and going through the hassle of trying to recover them would make them lose interest in accessing your site.

One-Click Social Login’s great features

  • Customers and prospects will opt for a site that is convenient, one that only needs one click to access and do shopping. That makes a store that uses one-Click Social Login a preferable choice.
  • It is easy to install and get going.
  • It makes social popups customizable.
  • One-click Social Login integrates with renowned media apps like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Outlook, Amazon, and LinkedIn.


You get a free trial for 15 days. There is a  basic plan of 2.99 US dollars, a Standard plan of 4.99 US dollars and a Pro plan of 9.99 US dollars, all monthly plans.


The Outfy  plugin outlines that its main “Business is to HELP your business GROW BIG!”

Outfy’s special features

  • It is a one-stop shop for social media reach. It does well for social media marketing, helping businesses to promote their products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
  • It automates/autopilot feature for social media posting to save on time, increase engagement and boost your visibility/reach and revenue.
  • It allows businesses to create engaging content using; videos, collages, GIFs, and sales promotions which help grow sales and drive traffic.
  • It uses customised sales and themed templates that are cost-effective, helping to promote better and sell more. Use caption templates to accompany post pictures.
  • It helps create and present smart hashtags before a broader audience for better reach.
  • You do not need logins and logouts. You do not require multiple accounts and multiple stress where every store requires separate action. It is just one app sheltering many of your stores at once.


It has a 7-day free trial and 15 US dollars for Starter, 30 US dollars for pro, and ultimate for 60 us dollars per month.

Referral Candy

To promise someone an incentive for some work done makes them do their best to deliver.

Experts recommend that online stores that reward customers or people who refer others to their stores use the ReferralCandy plugin to make that work seamless.

Refer-a-friend is a program powered by the Referral Plugin to help your business grow by making good use of word-of-mouth strategy.

Referral Candy features

  • It uses the customers’ success team to offer tips and support to merchants to enable higher sales.
  • Launching the program might take only 30 minutes, and you will get going. Additionally, it has easy-to-use functions for both merchants and customers.
  • It only takes one hour to start getting referrals after full setup.
  • Customers can get discounts or cash rewards for referring others without necessarily using earned points.
  • You can use details from previous purchases to introduce customers to your program.
  • The plugin helps you reward referring customers automatically.
  • You use unlimited referral sales, customer enrollment space, and zero charges whenever customers redeem their points.
  • You customise customer-attracting content like landing pages, logos, images, and themes per your requirements.
  • No developer is required to have your editing and functions running.
  • The plugin uses a multilingual option that provides over 12 different languages.
  • It helps users to detect suspicious transactions by individuals, conducts a review on them, and might either ban or disqualify them from the program.
  • You connect plugins to existing emails, advertising platforms, and analytics.
  • You can have both referral and affiliate programs running concurrently.
  • Referral Candy integrates with Paywhirl, Recharge, MailChimp, Klaviyo, So loyalty and bold.


It offers a 30-day free trial. Users can also get a Premium plan priced at 49 dollars monthly.


These are just a few plugins that online stores can use, but it all depends on one’s needs. Thousands of plugins are available for use, and choosing the best of the best will depend on how much time you take to evaluate them.