Nellions Moving & Relocations Company

What we did

Nellions™ Moving & Relocations is the leading moving company in Kenya. But being the market leader brings with it some unique challenges.

When Nellions retained us in September 2019, they were in quite the pickle: despite spending thousands of dollars per month on Google Ads alone, they were frustrated because their competition would bid (and still do) for their name on Google Ads. 

The first 3 Google search results for the brand’s name are ads run by Nellions’ competitors

The challenge

Whenever a user searches for “Nellions” on Google, their competitors’ Google ad listings typically show up first in the search results.

Some unscrupulous competitors go as far as even using the Nellions name in their ads listings to trick unwitting Google users into clicking through to their websites.

In March 2020, Nellions (Kenya) ceased advertising on Google search. We looked to content marketing as an evergreen way for the brand to reach its goals organically.

After brainstorming with Nellions’ management, we were able to identify the major concerns held by majority of their clientele, and mapped out a content pipeline to address them.

The blog topics had to address the concerns of the typical Nellions client, who looks as follows:

·         Is at the very least a member of the middle class

·         Travels around the world frequently, and despite calling Kenya home, it’s not necessarily their origin

·         Is more concerned with getting value for their money than spending as little as possible

·         Has a high likelihood of owning a pet


the initial results

The first few blog articles were hits or misses.

Over time, however, and as we became more consistent with publishing content, we developed a system for creating content that our users found resourceful. 

What did all these blogs mean for the business’ bottom line, though? Did they help it make money, or did the numbers only serve to make us feel good about our work?

Our intention when we started content marketing was to grow the Nellions brand – by reading all these helpful articles that address their concerns, Nellions’ name would be further ingrained in readers’ minds.

But how do you measure brand?

The seo formula

Our inflection point was when we discovered the power of Bottom of the Funnel content. By being able to display Nellions’ expertise at just the exact moment when the prospect needs that very pain point solved, this enormously greased the wheels for Nellions’ salespeople.

As a consequence, the conversion rate of clients who request quotations after reading blog content is 3x higher than those who only visit the homepage.


Within a year, we were outranking entire sectors such as Furniture and Housing Finance without even trying; we just wanted to create helpful and informative content.



Here are some of Nellions’ best performing blogs in 2021:


By January 2022, with a $0 advertising budget, blog content accounted for over half of’s web traffic – up from less than 3% in August 2019: 


The results

Traffic increased by 64% since 2019, despite a 70% decrease in ad budget:

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