Nellions Moving & Relocations Uganda

What we did

When Nellions opened their Ugandan branch in July 2019, they retained us to manage their online profiles and grow the Ugandan business. All the accounts had 0 followers, and it was up to us to devise a strategy to “make a splash” in Uganda.

The challenge

Uganda presented several interesting challenges:

·         Professional moving was a completely new idea in Uganda. Very few people (typically those who’d lived abroad) understood the concept of professional moving.

·         Language barrier: while our messaging was primarily in English, there are subtle nuances in how Ugandans use certain words, which is differs from Kenyans’ use of the same words. For example, Ugandans resonate with the word “shifting” more than “moving”.

We were tasked with managing 5 of their online profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.


Our penetration strategy was simple: we ran a contest promising to give a free move, then promoted this campaign heavily on Facebook and Instagram.


The social media marketing formula

Over time, we tweaked our content to make it more natively Ugandan, featuring the things that Ugandans actually cared about or feared when moving.

To this day, we maintain a monthly content calendar that ensures we post at least 5 times a week.


Our posts are usually a mix of informative, entertaining, and brand-building in nature. We share memes, photos of our work, informative videos, as well as articles from the Nellions Uganda blog – which we manage.

The results

Here is their social growth in the first two years that we managed them:

The engagement tells a better story:

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