Mbuzi Online

What we did

Mbuzi’s management reached out to us when their business was only an idea. They had been selling goats in local markets, but wanted to go online to widen their reach.

We started by discussing their goal for the brand: what it stood for, where it was headed, and the motivation behind the idea.

The brand

We used this information to design the brand look and feel, and ended up with 3 variations of their logo, each with its own use cases:

From the hand-drawn logo to the choice of colours, the logo is a true reflection of their brand: playful, vibrant, and refreshing.

We then used this colour palette to design their website, integrating their philosophy throughout the site.

The website

Mbuzi’s management wanted an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) website so as to test how the market would respond to the service that they created. 

We therefore built a website with the core features only: 

  1. The ability for one to load up the website, select a goat, and proceed to checkout.
  2. The website also features the ability to upsell related products/services such as charcoal for roasting and the option to hire a chef to roast for you.
  3. A backend system for order management

We integrated subtle design cues to help this process run unaided. Have a look: https://mbuzi.online/

The ads

We also created a series of 8 creative assets for them to use in their initial advertising activities. Here are a couple:

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