Hair by Makanye

What we did

Hair by Makanye is run by Anita Makanye, a beauty influencer based in Nairobi.

When Makanye approached Kooni, she wanted a hybrid solution that had multiple capabilities:

  • The ability to buy original Hair by Makanye products on
  • The ability to book an appointment with a Hair by Makanye beauty specialist
  • Showcase Makanye’s vast portfolio of work
  • Integration with Hair by Makanye’s live instagram feed

The brand

After the brand immersion meeting, we were able to garner an understanding of Hair by Makanye’s brand, its roots (pun intended), as well as what it stood for: a celebration of African artistic style through hair. 

This is what ultimately led to the decision on the imagery of the logo as well as the brand’s colours:

The website

After sketching the initial draft of the website with Makanye, we delved into development, the result of which was this stunner:

SEO, eCommerce and additional functionality

Besides giving the user the flexibility to choose an appointment date that best suits them, the system boasts some impressive ecommerce capabilities.

Users can shop and transact all the way to checkout and have their order delivered without ever having to leave the website.


Here are a few more of’s capabilities:


  • Customizable headers – these help in drawing awareness to active promotions
  • Integrated social proof – whenever a user places an order, the system automatically notifies all other users of the site of this purchase in real-time.
  • Intelligent sorting of products – the product catalogue is dynamic, suggesting the most popular products at the moment at the top of the list.
  • The ability to add order notes – if you have specifications to go with your order
  • SEO-optimized for the haircare niche

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